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Executive Team

COVID-19 Information
First Published - 04/05/2021 - 5:27PM

Due to COVID-19, Metra trains are operating on alternate schedules that we will update regularly to meet increasing demand. For the latest schedules, click hereFor information about Metra's response to the pandemic, click here.

Last Updated - 04/05/2021 - 5:30PM

Cherie J. Kizer

Chief Project Delivery Officer

After nearly six years as Metra’s CIO, Ms. Kizer was named Metra’s Chief Project Delivery Officer in March 2020.  This new position and department was established to ensure Metra is positioned to effectively and efficiently utilize the influx of new capital funding from the State of Illinois by establishing a Project Management Oversight (PMO) function to structure and coordinate the array of tasks and deliverables required for delivery of capital projects.  Ms. Kizer earned her Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science from Northwestern University and her MBA from Oakland University in Rochester, Mich.


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