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Metra and Business

Alternate Service Schedules
First Published - 03/19/2020 - 11:56AM
  • Metra is operating an alternate weekday schedule until further notice to adjust for the reduced number of riders due to school closures, work-from-home mandates and other consequences of the coronavirus pandemic.
  • It is using its normal weekend schedules on lines that have weekend service.
  • The alternate weekday schedules, which can be viewed here, represent about half of Metra's normal weekday service but provide adequate service for those who still need to travel. There are changes for every line except the Heritage Corridor, which is operating its normal schedule. Where we are able to, we will maintain the number of cars on trains to allow for social distancing. The reduced schedules will remain in effect until health officials deem the crisis has passed and/or ridership begins to return to normal.
  • Please use the Ventra app to purchase tickets. The app can be downloaded free from the App Store or Google Play.
Last Updated - 04/09/2020 - 10:35AM

Photography and Videography

For safety and security reasons, photography or videography on Metra property is only permitted in areas that are clearly open to public use.  Areas that are accessible only to Metra employees, including but not limited to, the right-of way and rail yards, are highly restricted areas and are not able to be accessed for photography or videography by the general public.  Metra will prosecute trespassers to the fullest extent of the law.
Individuals seeking permission for all photographic and videographic opportunities should complete and submit the form here per the instructions indicated. 
Instructions for Submitting Application:

Submit application at least 45-60 business days prior to your proposed first shoot day, Monday-Friday, excluding Metra holidays. Return completed Permit Application via either Fax, email or mail to: Jack Bauer or as shown on the application.

Metra will evaluate your Application. If your Application is approved, you will be required to agree to the terms and conditions of a License Agreement for Film and Video Productions which includes restrictions on use of Metra property and equipment, an indemnification provision, and insurance requirements. A location fee, fee for use of Metra equipment, location and services, Metra staff time are applicable and will be assessed. All applicable fees must be paid in full and insurance requirements must be met before you begin your activity on Metra property.
Submitting an application does not guarantee that Metra will issue an greement for filming. Metra’s primary purpose is to provide safe, secure, reliable and clean transportation services to its passengers. Metra may, at its sole discretion, deny your application to prevent interference with Metra’s primary transportation responsibilities or because we feel it portrays Metra in a negative fashion or has security impacts on the operation.
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