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Elimination of Ticket-by-Internet program
First Published - 04/27/2018 - 10:24AM

Due to declining internet ticket sales, Metra is eliminating the Ticket-by-Internet program – which includes recurring orders and one-time sales of Monthly Passes and 10-Ride Tickets on its website. The last day to purchase a Monthly Pass (July) via this program will be June 20 and the last day to purchase a 10-Ride Ticket will be June 30. This action is part of a continuing effort by Metra to identify ways to reduce expenses. Please see alternate purchasing options here.

Last Updated - 05/14/2018 - 3:06PM

2012 - 2013 Winners

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Seventh Annual Metra Safety Poster Contest and the Second Annual Metra Safety Essay Contest.
Congratulations to the 2012-2013 Contest Winners:

1st Place Poster

Kindergarten —Tristan Mehra, White Eagle Elementary School
1st Grade — Pranav Agrawala, Steeple Run Elementary
2nd Grade — Yebin Park, The Art School in Glenview
3rd Grade — Alyssa Meza, Winnebago Elementary
4th Grade — Ashley M. Roy, The Art School in Glenview
5th Grade — Mia Reynes, Roosevelt School
6th Grade — Jorge Casa, Richard E. Byrd School
7th Grade — Jasmine Mez, Marquardt Middle School
8th Grade — Danielle Murawski, Jack Hille Middle School
9th Grade — Cameron Chen, Libertyville High School
10th Grade — Elizabeth Adams, Crystal Lake Central High School
11th Grade — Joshua Moy, Deerfield High School
12th Grade — Karen Nguyen, Glenbard North High School

2nd Place Poster

Kindergarten — Alex Gourley, Copeland Manor School
1st Grade — Gwyn Lockwood, Lowell Elementary
2nd Grade — Samantha Chen, Copeland Manor School
3rd Grade — Jacob Szczudraws, Winnebago Elementary
4th Grade — Ivey Fowler, Oak Grove School
5th Grade — Montserrat Jimenez, J Shields Middle School
6th Grade — Aryaman Argawal, Kennedy Junior High School
7th Grade — Joy Lin, The Art School in Glenview
8th Grade — Jasmine Raudys, Homer Junior High
9th Grade — no award
10th Grade — Oran Dillon, Crystal Lake Central High School
11th Grade — Tyler Chen, Liberty High School
12th Grade — Danny Caplice, Lyons Township High School

3rd Place Poster

Kindergarten — Lupita Delgado, Mozart Elementary
1st Grade — Caroline Trob, Copland Manor School
2nd Grade — Veronica Stastna, Pheasant Ridge Elementary
3rd Grade — Jieun Chunk, The Art School in Glenview
4th Grade — Olivia Ho, The Art School in Glenview
5th Grade — Mary Wetterling, Copeland Manor School
6th Grade — Eha Srivastava, Winnebago Elementary
7th Grade — Julie Kuppeman, Lincoln Middle School
8th Grade — Hannah Johnson, Cary Grove High School
9th Grade — no award
10th Grade — Molly Anderson, Cary Grove High School
11th Grade — Alex York-Solano, Glenbard North High School
12th Grade —Nicole Shephard, Reavis High School

"People's Choice Award" Winner

Cameron Chen, Libertyville High School, 9th Grade


K-4 Division — Manya Davis, White Eagle Elementary School, 1st Grade
5-8 Division — Justin Kim, Hindsdale Middle School, 6th Grade
9-12 Division — Nam-Joong (Peter) Hwang, Adlai E. Stevenson High School, 11th Grade

Top Participating School

Mozart Elementary School, Chicago

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